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To Call Sinners To Repentance (Luke 5:27-32)

Title: To Call Sinners to Repentance

Passage: Luke 5:27-32

Speaker: Pastor Ryan Martin

Service: Sunday Morning Worship Service

Date: July 18, 2021

Before us is yet another example of how Jesus deals with sinners. What makes the encounter of Jesus and Levi powerful is that we see not just how Jesus deals with sinners, but the worst of sinners. Then words of our Lord in this story sheds even greater divine light on our lord and his mission to sinners.

  1. Jesus’s Command
  2. Levi’s Crowd
  3. Jesus’s Call

A Heart For The Nations (Worship Service, July 22nd, 2018)

Title: A Heart For The Nations

Passage: Mathew 28:19

Speaker: Stephen Stilwell

Service: Sunday Morning Worship Service

Date: July 22nd, 2018