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How are the Dead Raised? Part 2 (Worship Service, May 29, 2016

Title: How are the dead Raised? Part 2

Passage: 1 Corinthians 15:35-49

Speaker: Pastor Ryan Martin

Service: Sunday Morning Worship Service

Date: May 29th 2016

We must take God at his Word concerning the resurrection. The two
questions Paul poses in v. 35 are given in the voice of a skeptic:
Nevertheless, Paul defends the resurrection against such doubt. Such
an apologetic both silences the hardened skeptic and strengthens the
confused saint. Paul gives four reasons for us to trust God.
Last week:
1. The God who will raise us is all-powerful (34b).
2. The skepticism that doubts God comes from foolish evil (35-36a)
3. God’s power in creation is analogous to our resurrection (36b-41)
a. We are raised after death as the seed is raised after death.
b. We are raised by God’s power as the plant from the seed.
This week
c. God is sovereign over the resurrection as he is the creation.
d. Earthly bodies differ, as ours then will from ours now.
e. Heavenly bodies are above earthly, as ours then will from ours now.
f. Heavenly bodies differ from each other, as we will then.
4. Jesus Christ’s resurrection teaches us what form our own resurrection will take (42-49).