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Daniel’s Final Vision, PT 1 (Daniel 10:1-11:20)

Series: Daniel

Segment: #3

Topic: Daniel’s Final Vision

Speaker: Dr. Eric White

Service: Midweek Bible Study

Date: April 14, 2021


Daniel’s fourth and final vision concludes the book of Daniel. The vision occurs during the reign of Cyrus, and thus Daniel is well over eighty years of age. He was mourning, fasting, and presumably praying for three weeks because of the vision. The fourth vision is similar to the second vision recorded in chapter 8, and it provides new details about the end times.

Chapter 10: Angelic Conflict

Chapter 10 gives the context of the interpretation of the vision which begins in 11:2.. Daniel 10 describes spirit beings unlike any other book in the Bible.

  • Spirit beings appear as men to humans, and they are glorious.
  • They are able to touch people.
  • They bring messages from God to men.
  • They experience conflict in the spiritual realm.
  • They hold power over physical, geographical locations.
  • They abide in time and space.

Chapter 11: Antiochus and Antichrist

Chapter 11 reveals further detail about historical events during the Medo-Persian, Greek, Egyptian, and Syrian empires. Similar to Daniel 8, chapter 11 concludes with a discussion of the final ruler of the revived Roman Empire.

  • Prophecies concerning Persia – 11:2
  • Prophecies concerning Greece – 11:3-4
  • Prophecies concerning Egypt (South) and Syria (North) – 11:5-20

Daniel in the Den of Lions

Series: Daniel

Segment: #11

Topic: Daniel in the Den of Lions,

Speaker: Dr. Eric White

Service: Midweek Bible Study

Date: November 18th, 2020

Revelation 6: Chapters 8-11 (Sunday School, February 25th, 2018)

Series: Revelation

Segment #06

Topic: Chapters 8-11

Speaker: Eric White

Service: Sunday School

Date: February 25th, 2018