The Practical Christian Life (Without The Resurrection) Part 2 (Worship Service, May 15 2016)

Title: The Practical Christian Life (Without the Resurrection) Part 2

Passage: 1 Corinthians 15:29-34

Speaker: Pastor Ryan Martin

Service: Sunday Morning Worship Service

Date: May 15th 2016

Affirming the resurrection has great effects on our life as believers. The reality of our resurrection ought to effect profoundly the way you live your life. If you truly believe that the living Jesus Christ will raise your dead bodies, you will live differently than if you didn’t believe this. In our passage, Paul suggests three ways.


Last week:

  1. We Die in Baptism (v. 29)
  1. We Die in Ministry (vv. 30-31a)


This Week:

  1. We Die to Sin (vv. 31b-34a)

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